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Greatest Film Stars - Roles and Filmographies
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Greatest Film Star Roles and Filmographies
Actor or Actress
Definitive Screen Role Other Great Film Roles

Jennifer Aniston
(1969- )
Brooke Meyers in The Break-Up (2006) Renee Fitzpatrick in She's the One (1996)
Joanna in Office Space (1999)
Justine Last in The Good Girl (2002)
Grace Connelly in Bruce Almighty (2003)
Polly Prince in Along Came Polly (2004)
Olivia in Friends with Money (2006)
Jenny Grogan in Marley & Me (2008)
Nicole Hurley in The Bounty Hunter (2010)
Kassie Larson in The Switch (2010)
Katherine Murphy in Just Go With It (2011)
Dr. Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses (2011) and Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)
Sarah "Rose" O'Reilly in We're the Millers (2013)
Claire Bennett in Cake (2014)
Carol Vanstone in Office Christmas Party (2016)

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
Silent comedian in numerous Keystone Kops comedies during the 1910s

Fatty and Mabel (Normand) series of films
Actor in Mother's Boy (1913)
Actor in Bathing Beauty (1914)
Actor in Fatty Again (1914)
Actor in Fatty's Reckless Fling (1915)
Actor in Mabel, Fatty and the Law (1915)
Actor in His Wedding Night (1917)
Actor in The Roundup (1920)
Actor in Brewster's Millions (1921)
Actor in Gasoline Gus (1921)
and dozens more

Eve Arden
Ida in Mildred Pierce (1945) Eve in Stage Door (1937)
Peerless Pauline in At the Circus (1939)
Sally Aikens in That Uncertain Feeling (1941)
Patsy Dixon in Ziegfeld Girl (1941)
'Buzz' Baker in Whistling in the Dark (1941)
Cornelia Jackson in Cover Girl (1944)
Molly Stewart in One Touch of Venus (1948)
Chris Sherwood in Whiplash (1948)
Mrs. Maida Rutledge in Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
Lottie Lacey in The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960)
Principal Mcgee in Grease (1978)

Asia Argento
(1975- )
Anna Battista in Scarlet Diva (2000) Ingrid Haller in Demons 2 (1986)
Aura Petrescu in Trauma (1993)
Charlotte of Sauve in Queen Margot (1994)
Det. Anna Manni in The Stendhal Syndrome (1996)
Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera (1998)
Sandii in New Rose Hotel (1998)
Beatrice in
B. Monkey (1998)
Yelena in xXx (2002)
Sarah in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004)
Slack in Land of the Dead (2005)
La Vellini in The Last Mistress (2007) (aka Une Vieille Maîtresse)
Lucy Kisslinger in Dracula 3D (2012)

Alan Arkin
(1934- )
Roat in Wait Until Dark (1967)
Yossarian in Catch-22 (1970)
Lt. Rozanov in The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (1963)
John Singer in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968)
Inspector Jacques Clouseau in Inspector Clouseau (1968)
Abraham Rodriguez in Popi (1969)
Lt. Practice in Little Murders (1971)
Barney Cashman in Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1972)
Kessler in Hearts of the West (1975)
Sigmund Freud in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976)
Sheldon Kornpett in The In-Laws (1979)
Bill Boggs in Edward Scissorhands (1990)
George Aaronow in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Captain in So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)
Dr. Oatman in Grosse Pointe Blanke (1997)
Detective Hugo in Gattaca (1997)
Murray in Slums of Beverly Hills (1998)
Frankfurter in Jakob the Liar (1999)
Gene in 13 Conversations About One Thing (2001)
Grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Senator Hawkins in Rendition (2007)
The Chief in Get Smart (2008)
Lester Siegel in Argo (2012)

Edward Arnold
Jim Taylor in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Big Bill Barton in I'm No Angel (1935)
Diamond Jim Brady in Diamond Jim (1935)
Barney Glasgow in Come and Get It (1936)
J.B. Ball in Easy Living (1937)
Anthony P. Kirby in You Can't Take It With You (1938)
Diamond Jim Brady in Lillian Russell (1940)
T.T.Ralston in Nothing But the Truth (1941)
Judson M. Blair in Design for Scandal (1941)
Daniel Webster in The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941)
John Benson Farrell in Johnny Eager (1941)
D. B. Norton in Meet John Doe (1941)
Amory Stilham in Mrs. Parkington (1944)
David 'Dave' Lash in The Hucksters (1947)
Congressman Malcolm in Command Decision (1948)
Pawnee Bill in Annie Get Your Gun (1950)

Jean Arthur
Saunders in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Wilhelmina "Bill" Clark in The Whole Town's Talking (1935)
Calamity Jane in The Plainsman (1936)
Babe Bennett in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
Irene Vail in History is Made at Night (1937)
Mary Smith in Easy Living (1937)
Alice Sycamore in You Can't Take It With You (1938)
Bonnie Lee in Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
Vicky Lowndes in Too Many Husbands (1940)
Mary in The Devil and Miss Jones (1941)
Nora Shelley in The Talk of the Town (1942)
Connie Milligan in The More the Merrier (1943)
Phoebe Frost in A Foreign Affair (1948)
Marion Starrett in Shane (1953)

#5 star
Fred Astaire

With Ginger Rogers
Tony Hunter in The Band Wagon (1953)

10 Films with Ginger Rogers (1933-1949):

  • Fred Ayres and Honey Hale in Flying Down to Rio (1933)
  • Guy Holden and Mimi Glossop in The Gay Divorcee (1934)
  • Huckleberry 'Huck' Haines and Tanka Scharwenka (aka Lizzie Gatz) in Roberta (1935)
  • Jerry Travers and Dale Tremont in Top Hat (1935)
  • Bake Baker and Sherry Martin in Follow the Fleet (1936)
  • John (Lucky) Garnett and Penelope (Penny) Carroll in Swing Time (1936)
  • Peter P. Peters (aka Petrov) and Linda Keene in Shall We Dance (1937)
  • Dr. Tony Flagg and Amanda Cooper in Carefree (1938)
  • Vernon Castle and Irene Castle in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939)
  • Josh Barkley and Dinah Barkley in The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)
Jerry Halliday in A Damsel in Distress (1937)
Johnny Brett in Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940)
Bob Curtis in You'll Never Get Rich (1941)
Ted Hanover in Holiday Inn (1942)
Robert Davis in You Were Never Lovelier (1942)
Johnny Parkson Riggs in Yolanda and the Thief (1945)
Fred Astaire/Raffles/Tai Long in Ziegfeld Follies (1946)
Jed Potter in Blue Skies (1946)
Don Hewes in Easter Parade (1948)
Bert Kalmer in Three Little Words (1950)
Tom Bowen in Royal Wedding (1951)
Dick Avery in Funny Face (1957)
Steve Canfield in Silk Stockings (1957)
Julian Osborne in On the Beach (1959)
Finian McLonergan in Finian's Rainbow (1968)
Harlee Claiborne in The Towering Inferno (1974)

Mary Astor
Brigid O'Shaughnessy in The Maltese Falcon (1941) Lady Margery Alvanley in Beau Brummel (1924)
Barbara Willis in Red Dust (1932)
Ruth Wayburn in The Little Giant (1933)
Edith Cortright in Dodsworth (1936)
Antoinette de Mauban in The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)
Mme. Germaine DeLaage in The Hurricane (1937)
Helene Flammarion in Midnight (1939)
Mary Ann Young in Brigham Young (1940)
Sandra Kovak in The Great Lie (1941)
Alberta Marlow in Across the Pacific (1942)
Princess Centimillia in The Palm Beach Story (1942)
Mrs. Anne Smith in Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)
Pat in Act of Violence (1949)
Marmee March in Little Women (1949)
Mrs. Jewell Mayhew in Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1965)

Gene Autry
Dozens of B-westerns (1934-1953), a number of which were "Singing Cowboy" films, including

Gene in In Old Santa Fe (1934)
Gene Autry in The Phantom Empire (1935)
Gene in Tumbling Tumbleweeds (1935)
Gene in The Singing Cowboy (1936)
Gene in Round-up Time in Texas (1937)
Gene Autry in Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm (1937)
Himself in Springtime in the Rockies (1937)
Gene in Gold Mine in the Sky (1938)
Gene in Mexicali Rose (1939)
Gene in In Old Monterey (1939)
Gene in South of the Border (1939)
Himself in Melody Ranch (1940)
Himself in Ridin' on a Rainbow (1941)
Himself in Back in the Saddle (1941)
Himself in Sierra Sue (1941)
Himself in The Last Round-up (1947)
Himself in Riders in the Sky (1949)
and more

"The Gene Autry Show" (1950-1956) - 91 TV Episodes

Dan Aykroyd
(1952- )
Dr. Raymond Stantz in

Elwood J. Blues in

  • The Blues Brothers (1980)
  • Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)
Sgt. Frank Tree in 1941 (1979)
Clifford Skridlow in Doctor Detroit (1983)
Louis Winthorpe III in Trading Places (1983)
Herb in Into the Night (1985)
Austin Millbarge in Spies Like Us (1985)
Sgt. Joe Friday in Dragnet (1987)
Roman Craig in The Great Outdoors (1988)
Boolie Werthan in Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
Harry Sultenfuss in My Girl (1991)
Mother in Sneakers (1992)
Beldar Conehead in Coneheads (1993)
Ray Zalinsky in Tommy Boy (1995)
Det. Ben Costikyan in Feeling Minnesota (1996)
Colonel John T. Hall in Sgt. Bilko (1996)
Assassin in Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
Ben Bart in Get on Up (2014)

Lew Ayres
Paul Baumer in All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) Pat Gilbert in State Fair (1933)
Ned Seton in Holiday (1938)
Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare in Young Dr. Kildare (1938)
Dr. Scott Elliott in The Dark Mirror (1946)
Dr. Robert Richardson in Johnny Belinda (1948)
Vice President Harley Hudson in Advise and Consent (1962)
'Mac' McAllister in The Carpetbaggers (1964)
Mandemus in Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

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