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"A Nightmare on Elm Street" Films - Part 5
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)
d. Stephen Hopkins, 89 minutes

Film Plot Summary

The title credits were interspersed with bluish-tinged close-up body images of a couple making love - two surviving teens from the previous film, Alice Johnson (Lisa Wilcox) and Dan Jordan (Danny Hassel).

Alice was obviously experiencing a troubling nap:

  • While Alice took a shower after sex, brownish water gurgled up from the drain. After she knelt down and attempted to clear it, the force of the shower jet suddenly increased. The water controls became inoperable and broke off, and some of the shower tiles burst from the wall. She found herself trapped and drowning in the shower stall when the door wouldn't open. As she pounded on the door, it opened and she was thrown naked to the floor - but now the scene changed.
  • A heavy metal door slammed behind her, and she proceeded naked down a walled corridor toward a series of other doors. Before her in an asylum were about one hundred maniac mental patients dressed in long-underwear walking aimlessly around.
  • Alice was now dressed in a young nun's white outfit (with a nametag reading AMANDA KRUEGER), and struggling to make her way through the crowd, as two orderlies on a raised platform counted the inmates. Frightened, she found herself surrounded by the maniacal men [one of whom was Robert Englund without Freddy makeup] in the locked room when the steel bolted doors shut tight. They converged on her and dragged her down.
  • In her bedroom, a terrified Alice woke up from the nightmare, screaming. At first, she was in bed with concerned boyfriend Dan, but then he became the featured maniac from the asylum. He rolled over her and pinned her to the bed. Then, he suddenly disappeared when she pushed him away.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Alice (after really awakening?) again went to take a shower, tentatively glancing at the shower head and the water controls.

Later that day, Dan and Alice were attending their graduation ceremony from Springwood High School, with her three friends:

  • pretty and aspiring covergirl and model Greta Gibson (Erika Anderson)
  • nerdy sci-fi comic-book sketcher/artist Mark Gray (Joe Seely)
  • diver-in-training Yvonne (Kelly Jo Minter)

Alice and Dan, the school's quarterback star with a future in football, were planning on a summer trip to Paris, France, and he presented her with a gift of coach airline tickets. She was still on edge about her previous night's dream and felt out of control, while Dan assured her: "Look, if you don't dream him up, he can't hurt you or us. Remember?" Alice encountered her recovering alcoholic father Dennis (Nick Mele) who had watched the ceremony from afar, so as not to embarrass her.

A troubling series of events occurred after Alice walked across the park on her way to work:

  • She heard the familiar sing-songish "Elm Street - Freddy's Theme" being sung by young girls who were skipping rope in white church dresses. The sky in the park darkened, and as she ran through the bushes following the children, she found herself in a clearing where the shadows of tree branches reached out for her.
  • She was standing in the fog before a set of ascending gothic stone steps before a large abandoned asylum, where a silhouetted nun next to a stone gargoyle statue appeared. She ran after the nun up the steps toward the massive institutional building in the distance, with spires and imposing towers.
  • Alice entered through an open doorway and found herself at the end of a long deserted corridor with rooms sealed off by metal doors. She saw a large tattered baby stroller with rusty wheels slowly move in front of her, and then stop at the foot of another staircase.
  • As she followed the nun up the stairs, the film abruptly cut to a scene of a screaming Alice lying on a gurney that was being pushed down the asylum's corridor into a delivery room, where white-habited nuns, orderlies, and physicians crowded around her, telling her: "There's nothing to be afraid of." She then found herself standing as a spectator, as nun Amanda Krueger (Beatrice Boepple) was being held down on the stretcher, about to give birth to a breech baby.
  • When the baby was delivered, blood splattered onto the doctor's gown as he exclaimed: "Holy shit. What is it?" She witnessed the birth of a grotesque baby, Freddy Krueger. One of the nuns told Sister Amanda, the mother: "Sister, this is one of God's creatures. Take solace in that." Sister Amanda sat upright and replied: "That is no creature of God. Stop it! Give it to me! Don't let it get away!" but the baby broke free, scuttled away and escaped through swinging double doors.
  • Alice followed it from the empty delivery room into a church rectory [the location where Freddy had "died" in the conclusion of the previous film A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)]. On the altar of the church, the deformed baby located a crumpled heap of Freddy's decayed clothes (his striped sweater, etc.), and as it howled an ungodly, ear-splitting noise (and the church began to break apart and crumble, with the floorboards tilting upwards), it crawled into the clothes, grew in size, and was resurrected as the adult form of Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) in front of a stained-glass window.
  • Alice was thrown backwards by the cataclysmic event and covered with debris, as Freddy's hand reached out and slipped into the razor-bladed glove - and scraped the sharp-clawed fingers against the wall. Silhouetted in front of the small chapel, Freddy raised his twisted arms in a mock-crucifix resurrection pose, and smiled at Alice: "It's a boy." She protested: "You can't come back. I locked the door on you," but he grabbed her from behind with his clawed hand and replied: "Well, I found the key."
  • With a wide-open mouth, he cackled at her, as the back doors of the church opened and his mother Amanda (wearing her nun's habit) appeared to rail against his unholy birth: "Your birth was a curse on the whole of humanity. I will not allow it to happen again. You brought me back to give you life, but now I must take yours." Freddy raged back: "We'll see, bitch, we'll just see," and disappeared in a column of smoke.
  • Amanda spoke to Alice: "I must be released from my earthly prison...Look for me in the tower," as the rear doors of the church closed shut on her and cut short her words. Freddy's voice boomed out: "You'll never find her."

Alice pushed open the back doors, and found herself at the diner, Crave Inn, where she worked as a waitress. Her upset co-worker Anne (Beth DePatie) told her that she was four hours late, arriving after midnight.

The raucous after-graduation party at the high school's swimming pool (where Yvonne had provided access) was in full-swing, as Alice phoned Dan and alerted him to Freddy's return and her fears about how this had happened when she was awake. As he left his friends at the pool to rush over to the diner in his truck, Dan fell asleep at the wheel, signaled by the change in the radio's broadcasting - and at the end of his nightmare, he died from a head-on collision:

  • Dan heard his mother criticizing his relationship with Alice: "I'm calling about my wayward ex-son Daniel who's been acting like an ungrateful, unmanageable dickweed ever since he was seduced by that bimbo slut whore Alice!"
  • He then heard Freddy's voice coming from the radio: "If I were you, lady, I'd kill the ungrateful piggy." Freddy caused Dan's seat belt to wrap around his arms and body and restrict him, forcing him to cross the center divider and drive into oncoming traffic.
  • Freddy emerged in the truck's cab as a passenger, drinking from Dan's champagne bottle and spitting it out like acid ("Bad year, Dan!"), pulling off his right arm from the shoulder socket, and causing Dan to crash - and fly through the windshield. Dan ended up at the edge of the school's pool - the party was over.
  • With tattered clothes and cuts on his body, Dan was awakened (but still asleep and dreaming) by a phone ringing in the locked gym office, and again raced to his truck. When he found it locked, he jumped on a nearby Yamaha motorcycle (with a key in the ignition) and roared off through traffic at high speed to get to Alice.
  • As Dan dodged through cars on the bike, Freddy began to take possession of the out-of-control vehicle as a hideous creature/machine (while quipping: "This boy feels the need for speed," and "Hey Danny, better not dream and drive") - his face was formed out of the metallic instrument panel, and he grabbed Dan's crotch with his clawed hand: "Gotcha."
  • As he struggled, Dan became melded or merged with the bike, transformed into a mechanical monster hurtling forward, and he crashed head-first into an oncoming diesel truck. At the diner, Alice had a vision of Dan flying backwards down a long membranous tunnel away from her. Just at the moment of impact, Dan awakened as his pickup truck collided (# 1 death).

The flaming crash occurred close to the diner - Alice ran to the fiery site where she was accosted by the semi-truck driver (Will Egan) (faintly resembling Freddy Krueger): "He just came f--king flying out of nowhere...I didn't even see him." As she approached Dan's burning truck where his corpse was caught in the wreckage, his eyes snapped open and he exclaimed (with Freddy's voice): "Hi Alice. Want to make babies?! Ha, ha, ha!" Alice collapsed in a faint in the middle of the street.

Alice awoke at the hospital, where she was comforted by hospital worker Yvonne, and told that Dan had died in an accident, although some suspected drinking (a champagne bottle was found in the wreckage). Alice disagreed: "It was no accident. It was Krueger. He used to come in through my dreams and not anymore. He found some other way." She was distressed: "It's starting again." Yvonne informed her that she was pregnant with Dan's child, and the doctor believed that her outbursts were typical, especially after a shocking, traumatic event.

Alice was kept in the hospital overnight for observation (where she fell asleep and fancifully had a dream):

  • Alice met a young frail patient, a six or seven year-old boy named Jacob (Whit Hertford) who appeared at her door wearing a white hospital robe. He inexplicably expressed his sympathy: "I'm sorry your boyfriend got killed."

Later after recovering and as she left the hospital, Yvonne told Alice that there were no little boys on her hospital floor, and there was no children's ward.

In her bedroom, an upset Alice told her three friends about the birth of Freddy Krueger:

"Amanda Krueger was part of a religious order that ran that asylum in the 1940s. She was raped by the lunatics and had the baby there. That baby grew up to be Freddy Krueger who murdered twenty or thirty kids right here on Elm Street. He got caught, but the courts cut him loose on a technicality. So, the parents of the murdered kids got together and killed him. Torched him. But that was just the beginning. He keeps on killing, but he kills people in their dreams -- their nightmares. He uses my dreams to bring him his victims. It's my fault that Dan's dead."

Yvonne told Alice that she shouldn't feel guilty and hold herself responsible for Dan's death, because she was awake when it happened. Alice suspected that Freddy was using some other avenue:

"He gets in through my dreams somehow and I thought I could control it, but something's changed and I don't know what he'll do next."

Greta reassured Alice, prophetically: "The bottom line, Alice, if anybody's trying to hurt you, supernatural or not, they're going to have to go through us first." Alice replied: "That's what I'm afraid of."

Greta's pushy socialite mother, Mrs. Racine Gibson (Pat Sturges), hosted a fancy dinner party, and although Greta attended (and sat at the head of the table across from her mother at the other end), she was still in mourning for the loss of her friend Dan. She tried to shut out the offensive company she was forced to endure, and nodded off - and went into a deadly dream state:

  • Greta was offered a plate of food selections from the head chef/waiter (with a red/green bowtie - Freddy!). She then engaged in an argumentative confrontation with her mother about eating, telling her: "Why don't I just eat the whole goddamn tray, go throw up, and come back for seconds, all right?"
  • Chef Freddy wheeled in a sterling silver chafing dish on a trolley, pinned Greta into her baby chair, exclaimed: "Bon appetit, bitch," and served her a platter of a miniature Greta doll, introduced with: "Filet de Barbie!" He filleted the doll with his claw-like bladed fingers, and force-fed Greta with the dissected doll's innards. She resisted and spit out the mush from her mouth, although Freddy forcibly grabbed her head and stuffed her mouth full of food with a second helping: "You are what you eat."
  • The guests laughed as Greta, with an engorged mouth and horribly distended cheeks, was hugged and burped by Freddy - patting her back.
  • At the same time, Alice opened her kitchen's refrigerator door. The contents quickly mutated into rotting, cob-webbed food items, and then suddenly, Greta's bloated face came into view, as she desperately reached out towards Alice to help save her. From the rear of the refrigerator, Freddy lunged outward and grabbed Greta, yanked her back into the refrigerator and closed its door, where a magnet held a note reading: "Die Bitch!"

Back in the Gibson dining room, Greta pitched forward and collapsed at the table where she had choked to death (# 2 death). The refrigerator in Alice's home returned to normal, with no sign of Greta or Freddy.

In the next scene set at the Edmund A. Gray construction company warehouse, a concerned Yvonne and Alice went looking for Mark. The two were upset about Greta's recent death (Mark had been distantly in love with Greta). Alice confirmed that it was not accidental:

"no accident. I tried to warn all of you about Krueger...She must have fallen asleep while she was at the table...I don't understand what's happening. Krueger has to use my dreams but he got to Dan and Greta while I was awake. How's he doing it?"

Later in his loft, Mark spoke about one of his super-hero, action comic-book figure characters:

"The Phantom Prowler wouldn't have been afraid to tell her how he felt. If I only had a tenth of his guts. Jesus, he's not even real and he's more of a human being than I am."

Alice affirmed that Freddy Krueger was "real" - and not just a comic-book character. As Alice made coffee, Mark fell asleep, and appeared in a dangerous, comic-book dream world:

  • Alice saw that Mark's last sketch on his drawing table was of the front of the Elm Street house - where he had entered.
  • She drew a red stick-figure of herself (labeled Alice) in the front of the dilapidated house.
  • She deeply concentrated and then entered the dream world to accompany Mark and attempt to protect him.
  • Inside the house, she found Mark screaming for help, suspended in a gaping hole with jagged torn edges in the middle of the living room (leading toward a membranous tunnel, similar to a fetal canal). She stretched out her hand to save him, and they strained to touch before she pulled him to safety.
  • As they fled, Mark noticed blood on his hands and fell backwards out of the frame, and dissolved from view - he awakened in reality.

Alice, still in the dream state, then saw Jacob. He was now pale and sickly, standing in the living room, staring forlornly out the front window, and telling her: "Been having bad dreams." He also added: "Just waiting for someone," and turned accusatory:

"You don't even care about being a mom. How come you don't think about me?...I like you. I want to stay with you. How come you don't like me?"

He told her that his "friend with the funny hand" told him that she didn't like him. After scurrying upstairs after Jacob, Alice emerged back in Mark's warehouse loft, where he had awakened: "He's really real, isn't he?"

Alice now understood that Jacob was her unborn fetus son, and feared what Krueger was doing: "He's doing something to my baby. I know it. He's trying to hurt Jacob...I got to get away from here. Someplace where Krueger can't find him." Fearing for her fetus during her pregnancy, Alice contacted Yvonne at the hospital and had her arrange for an early ultrasound examination with Dr. Moore (Stephen Grives). She also learned that unborn babies are in a dream state about 70% of each day.

She realized that Freddy was using her unborn child Jacob to enter into her friends' dreams. Dr. Moore was annoyed about her unnecessary ultrasound procedure: "Is that why you're here. To see if your baby's having nightmares?"

  • As the procedure was being conducted (and she was under anesthesia), and the baby's heart beat was intensifying, the monitor's picture distorted, and Alice was transported into the fetal canal where she witnessed the unborn fetus floating in her womb, attached by an umbilical cord.
  • There to her horror, she saw Freddy's face protruding from the uterine wall, asking: "See any family resemblance?" Bulges of light, representing Dan's and Greta's spirits, entered the fetus' belly through the cord ("Feeding time. Soul food for my boy"), causing Alice to react in terror and scream at Freddy: "Don't touch him!" Panicked, she sat up in the doctor's office and expressed her fear:

    "What's he doing to my baby?...He's taking their souls, their spirits, and making the baby like him."

Later that day, Alice described her insane fears to her skeptical and worried friend Yvonne: "Greta and Dan were there. Krueger killed them. Now he was feeding them to Jacob." She believed that Krueger was back and targeting her unborn baby.

Mark arrived with copies of newspaper clippings - evidence that Krueger had killed many others before them, and that Alice was not crazy. Alice described that "Krueger's using Jacob's dreams." Mark suggested aborting the child, but Alice refused: "I saw him inside of me, growing. He's part of me and Dan. I want to keep him."

Alice then met with Dan's parents in her living room, where both Mr. and Mrs. Jordan (Valorie Armstrong) were concerned that the burden of Alice as a single mother having a child would be too much for her. They offered to adopt the child and raise it, after hearing from Dr. Moore that Alice was "hysterical" and having "paranoid delusions." Alice was adamantly opposed to what they called their "legitimate claim": "You're not taking my baby."

Afterwards, Alice looked at the clippings that Mark had obtained, and focused on one about Amanda Krueger, Freddy's distraught nun-mother, who had not committed suicide by hanging after Krueger's trial (as the newspapers reported), but spent the remainder of her life in an asylum. Her gravesite memorial tombstone contained only an empty plot: "If she killed herself, her soul's gonna be in torment." Alice recalled how in the dream, Amanda was trying to stop Freddy, but the door slammed before Alice heard what to do in order to free Amanda's soul:

"He must have done it. We have to find where she died to release her soul."

Alice planned to go to sleep and enter the dream world to free Freddy's dead mother's spirit so that she could rise up and defeat Freddy for good:

  • Alice entered into the asylum tower corridor trying to locate Amanda. She called out Amanda's name, as Mark struggled to stay awake.

Meanwhile, Yvonne relaxed as she soaked in the jacuzzi hot-tub in the gym's pool area and she entered a destructive dream-state. As she luxuriated in the hot swirling water, she fell asleep, and both Alice and Yvonne eventually ended up in the same dream-world:

  • Yvonne climbed the ladder to the high-dive platform above the pool, marked with striped lanes. As the diving board cracked and trembled beneath her and then curled and rolled back in four pieces over the top of her, she screamed as she tried to keep her balance - within Freddy's clawed palm!
  • She jumped off into mid-air and tumbled out of control toward the pool water, suddenly transformed into a small puddle. She dove perfectly into it, breaking through the concrete into a churning, bubbling, nightmarish jacuzzi.
  • At the same time, Alice had ascended asylum stairs that dead-ended at a brick wall, and rolled herself onto the wall to escape, and crash-landed into the same jacuzzi. She saw Freddy emerge from the jacuzzi water, and ask: "Where are you going, piglet? The party's just starting" - he then plunged his arm under the water, grabbed Yvonne by the hair and pulled her gasping body out of the water.
  • Alice impaled Freddy through the mouth with a long pool skimmer metal pole and escaped with Yvonne. Freddy staggered back and shut the door, refusing to follow them because of his fear of Amanda.
  • After barely escaping from Krueger, Alice knew that she had to find Amanda ("she's the key").

Back in the loft where Mark was reading comic books, he noticed a new one titled NIGHTMARES FROM HELL, # 13, with claw marks from Freddy's gloved hand on its cover. Inside were graphic B/W drawings of:

  • Greta's death sequence
  • Freddy's recent assault on Yvonne on the diving board
  • Alice's earlier confrontation with Freddy in the church
  • Alice's first nightmare in the asylum

He also noticed a sequence of empty frames after a drawing of himself reading comics -- after which he was pulled into the comic-book dream world when he fell asleep.

  • In a world of collapsing scaffolding, Mark (the only object in color) found himself pursued by Freddy, who slashed at him while riding a skateboard. Tons of scaffolding crashed down around him, trapping Mark in a corner as blood dripped down upon him. Looking up, he saw scaffolding decorated with various dolls and in the middle of them, doll-like Greta (with blood dripping from a stomach wound) imploringly begging for his help, as Freddy scopped his clawed finger into her torso: "Is she delicious or am I crazy?" He shoved her off the platform and like a porcelain doll, she crashed onto the floor and exploded into pieces at Mark's feet.
  • Outraged, Mark whirled around when Freddy dropped down to his level - he now took the form of his super-hero, the Phantom Prowler, threatening: "Time to die, you scar-faced limp-dick!" He blasted Freddy full of holes (showering confetti from his body) with two futuristic pistols. But suddenly, Freddy lept to his feet, laughed menacingly, and became a Super-Freddy character: "Faster than a bastard maniac! More powerful than a loco-madman! It's Super-Freddy!" He reached out and swiped through Mark's body - slashing his paper opponent in the side, as the color drained out of Mark's sketched figure ("Told you comic books was bad for ya").
  • Mark was further shredded into thousands of tiny paper pieces. The shredded pieces fell onto the floor of Mark's loft and into the open comic book he was reading, with the empty frames now filled in and illustrated with his death (# 3 death).

Mark's bloodied body laid nearby, noticed by Alice as she awakened. At the same time, Yvonne awakened with a start in the jacuzzi in the school gym.

Mark's body was taken away by ambulance, with police reporting that Mark had died in his loft when crushed beneath collapsed shelving not up to code. Alice knew that she had been spared because Freddy needed her alive. When Yvonne drove up and learned that Mark had been killed by Krueger, Alice told her: "We have to get to Krueger before he gets to Jacob again." She decided that they could get to him through Amanda in the abandoned asylum, and sent Yvonne there to find her and release Amanda's soul: "Find Amanda! And hurry!"

Yvonne drove to the asylum overgrown with weeds, ascended the outside stone steps, entered with a flashlight into the asylum tower, and proceeded down its cluttered corridor. Alice returned home and fell asleep - and afterwards also emerged in the asylum's corridor, determinedly calling for Krueger to come out by taunting him:

"The game's over. I was stronger than you! So you picked on Jacob! You bastard! You're trying to make him like you, so you can live through his dreams. Well, I won't let you. You hear me, Krueger? OK, if you won't talk to me, maybe you'd like to talk to Amanda."

  • Yvonne was using a crowbar or pick to cut away at the brick wall in the tower, as Freddy began his frenzied pursuit of Alice. Alice attacked him from behind with a spiked baby stroller, and sent him tumbling down stairs into the room with one hundred maniacs, who surrounded him and literally tore him to pieces (Alice: "Goodnight, asshole").
  • In another area of the asylum, Freddy had created an M.C. Escher-like impressionistic puzzle landscape (where water ran uphill, and there were impossibly-angled stairs), to slow Alice down in her pursuit of Jacob. It was a composite world, made up of Freddy's boiler room, the church, the asylum, and the Elm Street house interior. Reassembled and transformed, Freddy had caught up to Jacob and had made friends with him (Jacob: "Mommy, meet my friend").
  • Alice tried to entice Jacob to join her instead. As Jacob raced to Alice, he heard the voice of his father Dan calling to him: "It's all right, son. Now come with me." At first confused, Alice then realized that it was a disguised Freddy ploy and cried out: "Jacob, he's not your father." As Jacob reached Alice, Freddy went back into hiding, and Jacob revealed where he was: "Inside you, where he hides...Where he hides out, inside. That's how he found me."
  • Horrified by the revelation, she challenged Krueger to come out of her body -- Freddy's head began to emerge from under Alice's face, as she grabbed his head and tore him away, and fought with other parts of her body to extract him, and to keep him from taking over her body from the inside out (Freddy: "Now we can really get to know each other").
  • In anguish and almost dead, Alice was losing the struggle with Freddy. At the same time, Yvonne broke through the brick wall, located Amanda covered by a nun's white habit and kneeling on the floor, and touched her shoulder to release her spirit.
  • Sister Amanda arrived at the scene of Freddy and Alice locked in combat, and urged Jacob to defeat Freddy: "Jacob! Alice will not triumph. Only you can help her now." Jacob (becoming Freddy-like) commanded Freddy enticingly: "Hey, leave her! Let's go. I want to learn stuff from you. She's no fun anymore. Teach me?" Freddy gave Alice a lascivious kiss before pushing her to the ground, exhausted and beaten.
  • Amanda then commanded Jacob: "Unleash the power he has given you." Jacob turned back toward Freddy and said: "School's out, Krueger," before opening his mouth and impaling Freddy in the abdomen with his enlarged tongue, encapsulating the souls of Dan, Greta, and Mark. The trio of souls thrust through Krueger, emerged through his back and pulled him backwards toward Amanda.
  • Howling in pain as he was being dragged, the Freddy fetus was ripped from his back, and Freddy reverted back to his malevolent infant state (as his clothes fell to the floor). The new baby Jacob emerged from the pile of clothes - Alice picked up the infant and cradled him in her arms. The two mothers then simultaneously merged with their offspring.
  • First, as the Freddy infant tried to escape, Amanda picked him up and absorbed him back inside of her in a flash of light.
  • And second, Alice also received Jacob back into herself in the same manner.
  • As Amanda stumbled away, she warned Alice: "Stay back. Take your baby and leave."
  • Suddenly, Freddy's gloved hand began to emerge from within her stomach, fighting to break through ("Let me out"). Amanda forced it back. A series of church doors closed and exploded before a final one slammed shut, forever blocking access between Alice and Amanda.

In the final scene set in a park some time later, Alice admired her new cherubic baby Jacob with Yvonne and her father, and finally seemed to be at peace. She told her infant: "Sweet dreams, Jacob Daniel."

The camera made a slow backward dolly beyond a nearby jungle jim, where a young girl in a white dress was skipping rope, with humming on the soundtrack of the familiar and ominous Freddy song.

The film ended with a final Freddy cackle, over a black screen.

Film Notables (Awards, Facts, etc.)

With a production budget of $6 million, and box-office gross receipts of $22 million (domestic).

With the tagline: "Now Freddy's a daddy, he's killing for two."

A very poorly rated and received film in the long series. It won the Razzie Award for Worst Original Song: "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter," and was nominated for another Worst Original Song: "Let's Go!"

Prior to its theatrical US release, three scenes were highly-censored in order to receive an R-rating - Dan´s transformational fusing death on a Yamaha motorcycle, the dinner scene with Greta in which Freddy forced her to eat her own innards, and the demise of Mark.

Body Count: 3 (all killed by Freddy).

Baby Freddy/
Featured Maniac/
Freddy Krueger
(Robert Englund)

Alice Johnson
(Lisa Wilcox)

Dan Jordan
(Danny Hassel)

(Kelly Jo Minter)

Greta Gibson
(Erika Anderson)

Mark Gray
(Joe Seely)

Mrs. Jordan
(Valorie Armstrong)

Dennis Johnson
(Nick Mele)

Mrs. Racine Gibson
(Pat Sturges)

Amanda Krueger
(Beatrice Boepple)

(Whit Hertford)

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