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Never Say Never Again (1983)

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Never Say Never Again (1983)
d. Irvin Kershner

Bond 'Bad' Girl Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera)

Although not considered part of the original canon of Bond films, and the first Bond film to not use a Fleming-inspired title, this unofficial film was basically a remake of Thunderball (1965).

The film's femme fatale - well-dressed Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera), first seen from the legs down - with black leather pants, a pair of black high-heels and a fur coat, entered a French bank's vault, where a secret passageway led downstairs to a highly-secure area where a meeting was being conducted by SPECTRE's head Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Max von Sydow), holding and petting a white Persian cat. She was revealed to be sexy terrorist operative (No. 12) for SPECTRE. Her duty was to attend to a blackmailed and abducted American Air Force officer, Captain Jack Petachi (Gavan O'Herlihy), who had undergone a surgical eye operation - a corneal implant to make his right eye identical to that of the US President, to circumvent security. The NATO pilot, SPECTRE's puppet, was moved to a convalescent clinic, where Blush had the responsibility of providing for his private care.

It was the same clinic, the Shrublands Health Farm/Clinic near London, where out-of-commission 007 Bond (Sean Connery) was ordered to shape up. Addicted Captain Jack Petachi was being attended by evil and rough henchwoman Fatima, dressed as a health clinic nurse (with syringes strapped to her thigh), who was injecting him with "candy" to hook him on heroin. "Now darling, do this little trickie in eight seconds. Then nursie will give baby his candy. Hmm?" She abused her patient, accusing him of disobeying her by smoking, and then threatened: "Jack must do as he's told if he wants his fast cars and his pretty clothes and if he wants to keep his sister alive."

After Petachi successfully completed his mission of authorizing the launch of two cruise missiles with "live" nuclear warheads from a strategic bomber, Fatima pulled up in her gold-metallic Mercedes-Benz SL convertible next to him and deposited her pet snake in his lap -- distracted, his car crashed into a brick wall and overturned. To ensure his death, she placed a remote-controlled bomb in the wreck and detonated it, after rescuing her snake. She was working for SPECTRE, which threatened to blow up two "live" nuclear warheads placed in cruise missiles as part of an extortion plot against all of NATO's world governments.

As Bond stood at a water-side bar after arriving in Nassau the Bahamas to pursue Spectre No. 1 Maximillian Largo (Klaus Maria Brandauer), the agent was sprayed by Fatima, who was performing stunts on water-skis and landed in his arms after skiing up a ramp: "How reckless of me. I made you all wet." Bond was unperturbed: "Yes, but my martini's still dry. My name is James." After introducing herself, Bond complimented her on her skiing, and she added: "I do many things very well." When he said he was there to fish, she offered to personally show him the "best waters," adding as she smiled: "I'd like you to find what you're looking for." He agreed: "I'm all yours."

On their hired scuba boat, the vixenish Fatima summoned him to the interior cabin, where they engaged in dialogue foreplay after she threw him some scuba-gear and he undressed in front of her. Bond: "You're marvelously well-equipped." Fatima (looking down): "Thank you, James. So are you." He asked: "What, uh, exactly are we going down for?" Fatima: "Sport and a little fun." She watched as Bond became naked, and he advised her to be less tense and more relaxed when "going down." She removed her flimsy dress strap as she put her arms around his neck and provocatively said: "We've got time to kill."

After an extended period of love-making in the scuba equipment room, they went diving together. Her first attempt to kill the agent failed when he discovered a shark-attracting transmitter that she had placed on his scuba tank gear. Her second attempt to eliminate the agent by placing an explosive under his hotel-room bed and detonating it was also foiled, when Bond decided to make love not in his own room, but in the room of another Bond girl, the Lady in the Bahamas (Valerie Leon).

At the Casino Royale in Monte Carlo where her boss Largo was hosting a charity ball, Fatima schemed - urging Largo to execute the British agent James Bond - who might persuade his blonde paramour Domino (Kim Basinger) to change sides. Largo asked if she had bungled her own attempts because "you want him for yourself," and then ordered Fatima to kill Bond - "this time, you'd better not fail." At Bond's villa, Fatima killed Bond's young French operative Nicole (Saskia Cohen Tanugi) by stuffing her inside a waterbed.

Riding a turbo-power boosted motorbike, Bond pursued the maniacal murderess in her red 1983 Renault 5 Turbo. When Bond was knocked off his bike, the domineering Fatima held him at gunpoint, ordering "spread your legs." She threatened to shoot his crotch: "You're quite a man, Mr. James Bond. But I am a superior woman! Guess where you'll get the first one." He talked back: "Well, in view of your hatred of men..." - but she yelled: "LIAR! You know that making love to Fatima was the greatest pleasure of your life." Bond differed: "Well, to be perfectly honest, there was this girl in Philadelphia." She shot back: "SHUT UP! I am the best." Bond agreed: "In fact, I was going to put you in my memoirs as No. 1."

She commanded him to write a note on a scrap piece of newspaper about her love-making abilities, dictating: "The greatest rapture in my life was afforded me on a boat in Nassau by Fatima Blush. Signed, James Bond 007." Bond quipped: "I just remembered, it's against Service policy for agents to give out endorsements." She blurted back: "WRITE!"

Fatima met her demise when Bond fired a miniature rocket grenade into her chest from his Union Jack-decorated projectile fountain pen. She cackled, believing she was still alive, but then the grenade exploded, leaving only her charred high-heeled stilettos behind.

Bond muttered to himself regarding the powerful nib, that was supposedly not ready: "Not perfected yet?"

[Note: Barbara Carrera received a Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role portrayal of Fatima Blush.]

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Patricia Fearing (Prunella Gee)

Shrublands clinic patient Bond (Sean Connery) met blonde physiotherapist/nurse Patricia Fearing (Prunella Gee) when he accidentally bumped into her in the hallway. He introduced himself: "My name is Bond." She knew of his reputation: "Oh, you're Mr. Bond."

During a painful back-cracking session with her, Bond suggested: "You know, there is a more beneficial therapy for a man's lower back." She replied: "Oh really? What might that be?"

Later that day, she came to his private room's door and personally offered him his healthful dinner on a tray: "I thought I'd surprise you, James." He opened his suitcase, filled with contraband food he had smuggled in: "caviar, quail's eggs, vodka, foie gras" and offered her a bite.

Soon after, he bedded her down (off-screen) with another forbidden treat.

The next day, as Bond proceeded to work out in the clinic's gym, he informed his doctor that he was a bit piqued, explaining (in Patricia's presence): "I was up all night."

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Domino Petachi (Kim Basinger)

In SPECTRE No. 1 Maximillian Largo's (Klaus Maria Brandauer) control room aboard his Flying Saucer yacht somewhere in the Atlantic, a sliding panel door revealed a workout studio where he spied through a one-way mirror, watching his blonde "lady" kept-lover Domino Petachi (Kim Basinger) in a gray leotard exercising and stretching to music.

Domino was next seen on Largo's yacht docked in the South of France near Nice. That afternoon, Bond followed Domino to a massage parlor and posed as a masseuse. After she requested a "hard" massage, her turned her over onto her front-side before oiling her up and rubbing down her back, and mentioned casually that he knew of Largo: "I know he owns many beautiful things." Bond learned that Largo, known as a "very generous man," was hosting a charity ball at the Casino Royale in Monte Carlo (Monaco) that evening to benefit orphaned children. When she asked for him to massage lower, he obliged until the real masseuse arrived and apologized for being late. When Domino learned the man didn't work at the salon, she shrugged and smiled to herself.

At the benefit that evening, Bond apologized to her for his earlier deception, introduced himself formally, and bought her a Bloody Mary drink. Largo challenged Bond to a futuristic, 3-D holographic video-game of Domination, and lost $267,000, although Bond exchanged his winnings for a single tango dance with Domino. As they danced, she asked: "What is it you're after?" Bond told her that her brother was working for Largo, but was murdered: "Largo's the prime suspect. Your brother was used and then eliminated."

Bond was taken onboard Largo's Flying Saucer yacht en route to Palmyra, his base of operations in North Africa. In the workout studio onboard, Bond met up with Domino, and to "provoke a reaction" (and "because I've always wanted to"), and sensing that the extremely-jealous Largo was spying on them through a mirror, he kissed her.

At Palmyra, Largo announced to Bond: "The game is over" and had him imprisoned. He gave Domino his "greatest treasure" as a wedding present - a large jade statuette, although he knew that she had betrayed him. She angrily confronted him about her missing brother: "I hate you." He coerced a kiss from her, as she accused him of madness: "You're crazy." He replied: "Yeah, maybe. I'm crazy." To punish her, he bound her in black cloth and auctioned her off to gun-wielding Arabs on horseback in an open square.

Bond escaped from his prison shackles, stole a horse and rescued Domino from the unsavory Arabs by riding off with her. The two dove off a tall gated wall - still on horseback - into the water far below.

On the naval submarine after being rescued, Bond and Domino showered together (Bond: "It was never like this when I was in the Navy"), and both were eager to go after Largo, although she confessed: "Maybe I don't hate him enough to risk losing you" - and they kissed.

In the film's climactic underwater battle against Largo, Bond engaged him in combat, but it was vengeful Domino who speared him with a harpoon-gun and killed him.

Never Say Never Again (1983)

The Lady in the Bahamas (Valerie Leon)

On a mission to Nassau in the Bahamas, Bond was on the dock at the harbor where he happened to encounter orange-bikinied female (Valerie Leon), dubbed the Lady in the Bahamas, who was preparing to go fishing. He asked jovially: "What are you hoping to catch?" She flirtatiously answered: "Something about six foot two, 190 pounds, with brown eyes." He joked: "Well, why bother going to sea?" When Bond was interrupted, she added: "Catch you later, perhaps?"

After his scuba tank was sabotaged by another Bond girl Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera) during a dive, and he was attacked by numerous sharks, he swam to the surface where he emerged near the fishing boat of the woman at the dock, who exclaimed: "It's you." He responded: "Well, you did say you'd catch me later."

Back at the dock, Fatima noticed from afar that Bond had survived and was on the deck of the fishing boat with the rival Bond girl, showing off their fish-catch. Bond and the unnamed lady returned to their hotel together, where they both had separate rooms - they were first seen in bed together in one of the rooms making love.

Fortunately, a bomb planted by Fatima and detonated in Bond's room escaped hurting both of them - they were making love in her room. Bond quipped when he saw his room blown up from across the way: "Proof that we made the right decision." She asked: "About what, darling?" He responded: "Your place or mine."

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